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January 20, 2012 at 5:16 am #123


Game needs more challenges besides just jumping to collect coins and unlocking items. After a few minutes the concept is very repetitive. My kid and girlfriend also put it down after one minute of play. My suggestions if that you have to make the game more engaging and rewarding. Too much repetitiveness of tap, jump, collect.

1. Create an end goal and more challenging game play – No real end goal besides unlocking new characters. Why not make characters available when they unlock the next level through a point system rather than a coin system. I think this would give the player a more rewarding objective, then the current one, which is collect coins and spend the coins on unlocking the level when you need coins to unlock everything in the game.

Another feature you could add is an energy level bar with other things falling besides just the coins and power-ups. It could provide another dynamic to keep the player challenged. For example, have rocks falling from the sky that will cause the ground to break, instead of coins. Dewbs can be rock eaters too, so let them eat it. Tougher dewbs can eat more rock while early one in the game can’t. Of course, ground pieces can still fall to replace broken ground. So having both fall could provide a more engaging environment.

3. Reduce cost of power-ups. Give player a more rewarding experience, by allowing them to spend the coins on stuff to use in game and move forward. Have some characters only unlock able with large amounts of coins. Placing large coin values on every item takes away the fun of being rewarded.

4. Have a point system.

5. Ground opens up way to quickly and hard to see if the ground in broken. Your fingers from tapping usually block the screen. Create a notification system of a flash or something at the point of break to indicate an open place in the ground.

6. Everyone that has played on my side, enjoys the music. It doesn’t distract from the game play.

These are just initial suggestions off the tip of my head, but if you need more input, send me an e-mail. If I get some more time to think your concept out, I think I could help improve it.

– Poo

March 7, 2012 at 7:54 pm #126


I was thinking maybe putting a timer on some levels, say 1 minute, and throughout the level you can pick up stuff to increase your time. You would also pick up multipliers, then when your time runs out your total coins would get multiplied.

Another idea for a level would be to race to the top and dodge baddies while picking up coins. Maybe the lava could chase you up if you’re going to slow.

I think some kind of leader board would help for the maps also. Even if it’s purely local for that iPhone. The leaderboard could consist of Most Time on the map, most coins collected, etc.

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