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my list of bitching & issue reports

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January 10, 2012 at 11:08 pm #104


popups in intro to level get pushed away the first time cuz im jumpign around testing everything out

you can’t use the coins you just grabbed in the level to revive, so the first time you die, you are screwed!

The Sounds bring it to life.
the music on the first level got incessant after a while because I had to play it over and over.
music mute option?
the music on the second level was a nice break
hercs sounds are good
I hear metal ground sound when getting some power downs

its weird that the metal ground pushes you. make the graphic separate from the collider. the collider should slide in instantly

as a new user its kind of hard to understand the bonus coins / combo bar.

The danger arrow comes up too early and I think that some times its in the wrong place. At first i completely misunderstood its purpose.

1000g is a a good goal for me in a level – sometimes i can get it, sometimes not.

Women in media thing – put the dewd bro / crystal relationship in Bro’s blurb, and make up some other content for Crystal’s blurb like she throws the best parties or she is friendly/popular or something

In general I don’t like the pacing of the game. Maybe this is just because i am an expert being dumped into the middle of things, but..

it bugs me that the meteors don’t bump any more. What? They get a danger arrow but they don’t do anything to the player?

I feel like the bonus coins should ramp up more if the player is doing better. If i don’t miss a single coin I wanna see bigger bonuses.

The cost of levels seems high. Especially if people are stubborn or oblivious (80% of users?) and don’t buy powerups.

January 10, 2012 at 11:10 pm #105


– is that a meshParticleCollider on the coin pickup particles?

seems like a likely lag source?

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