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Giving Rewbies the Axe

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December 27, 2011 at 11:09 pm #71


This post brings a tear to my eye, as I have grown rather attached to Rewbies — but the fact is they add a layer of unnecessary complication. We want kids to be able to understand that when they collect coins in the level, they can buy stuff with those coins in the store. Simple.

Rewbies are not simple. I had a bunch of kids test it over the holidays, and even adults really didn’t see the connect between Rewbies and Coins. So we came down to two options — explain it better, or cut it.

There were two motivations for having this currency conversion at the beginning (1) to save on digits, since we thought we’d be collecting more coins, and (2) because it seemed like the thing to do based on other games of a similar genre to our own. The thing is, the first reason (1) didn’t end up being necessary, since the conversion rate is only 10 to 1. And reason (2) just doesn’t justify keeping Rewbies around.

Therefore, as much as I like Rewbies because they add a certain charm to the game — the amount of complication they add is not worth it. RIP, Rewbies.

Instead we’re going to have no conversion — if you earn 100 coins in a level, you go away with 100 coins, and you can buy powerups, dewds, and levels with those coins. Simple and to the point, albiet a little less charming.

Any thoughts?

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