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New Build Notes | Jump Dewds Beta

New Build Notes

Major Changes:

  • Rewbies and Milestones are gone. The coins you collect are now the coins you can spend.
  • Revives now refresh the ground for you, and should feel more worth the coins to reach the next Bonus tier.
  • The prices of everything have changed quite a bit.
  • There is a new bonus system instead of the old Wave system. We want to know if you understand it.
  • Daily Bonus has been enabled for this build. You will see it after every 24 hours on the title screen.
  • You can now ride down ground chunks that are falling in the lava.
  • More ground blocks will fall from the sky.
  • Heavy optimization in the levels – the Interface is drawn in a different method.

Minor Changes:

  • Pre-level tutorials are more concise
  • New first-play tutorial.
  • We now have awesome custom orchestrated music in the game, different for each level (still work in progress)
  • More buttons on the Title screen, but they are disabled.
  • Nepp and Tweeter’s info are switched back to normal
  • DingleBerry shouldn’t spawn invisible and fall through the ground anymore.
  • Few other performance optimizations


Other Notes:

  • We will be heavily changing Coin Rain powerup works, as well as making the Metal Ground not disappear quite so fast.
  • Not all levels have unique music yet.

We’re still hard at work fixing bugs, and polishing the game. We appreciate all of your feedback. Hope you enjoy the new build!

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